diy garden art

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors and being in the garden? Those of you who do have gardens understand the many benefits as you gaze and admire all that they have to offer. But you can do even more in your garden such as bring in beautiful pieces of art and creative ideas. There is so much you can do with your garden to enhance it even more!

If you are the creative type then you’ll definitely appreciate the garden art projects we’ve found here. From repurposing old tires to creating beautiful planters in wine barrels, the sky is the limit. Think about how much color and texture you can bring to your garden.

Is your style whimsical or more formal? Whatever it is that suits you, you will surely find some projects here that will interest you.

homemade pinwheels

bucket planters

hanging wooden basket

bicycle planter

mushroom stools

caterpillar rock art

stone birdhouse

mosaic stepping stones

birdcage planter

toaster planter

donkey tire art

mosaic ladybug

teacup tire art

wall flower planter

flower tire planter

wooden chair planter

decorative garden balls

potted flowers in frame

ladybug art

hubcap garden art

waterfall pots

pallet planter

jeweled hanging pot

birdcage planter

spiral herb garden

barrel planter

frog tire art

barrel planter lamp post

stenciled wheelbarrow

barrel planter laying down

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