If you are looking for a beach-style cottage, consider this tiny 387 sq ft home. Although small in size, its layout gives the house a spacious feel you often don’t find in tiny houses. Another great benefit is that this is a solar-powered home, so it’s energy-efficient in addition to being appealing. This well-designed tiny residence is manufactured by Palm Harbor Homes.

One of the best features of this tiny house is the storage areas throughout the cottage. There is room for everything you own. Another great thing about this house is that unlike many tiny houses that have a ladder to the sleeping loft, this cottage has a real staircase. One excellent design element is that the bottom stairs also double as pull-out drawers, so there is extra storage in surprising areas.

The main floor has the kitchen, living/dining area, bathroom, and master bedroom. A side door in the bedroom leads to a small porch for enjoying warm and sunny days. A sleeping loft serves as a second bedroom or guest room. Although the ceiling is low in the loft, it’s a bright and comfortable area for getting a good night’s sleep.

The kitchen is compact, but has everything you would need in a standard kitchen. The bathroom has glass doors around the shower so the room appears larger.

There are plenty of windows in this tiny cottage to let in natural light. The arched windows also add a distinctive charm to this tiny cottage. For anyone who loves tiny houses, this cottage is great choice for year-round living.

Tiny Cottage with Spacious Feel

Storage Space in Entryway

The Living Room

View from Loft

Staircase Doubles as Storage Area

Under Staircase There's a Built In Safe

Entertainment Area

The Master Bedroom

Built In Storage in Bedroom

Side Door in Master Bedroom

Sleeping Loft as Bedroom

The Kitchen

The Bathroom

Glass Doors for Shower

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