This is such a fabulous idea from Thienly! She made the cap from the GRADUATION DAY SVG KIT, topping off a champayne glass filled with mints with it! How cute is that! Check out her blog to see what other surprises she did!

After the graduation, the walls of that school, where we spent the last ten years, are no longer ours. We know it’s sad to say so, but that’s the case. For this reason, the most attention to detail in the graduation party is that the decoration reflects your school spirit.

Ideas for decorating ideas that you can apply the fastest in graduation party ideas. Start with the colors of your school when choosing the decoration colors. Make sure that the ornaments you will use on the decorate have the colors of the school, if any. For example, if your school forms are black or yellow, or if you have these colors in your school’s paintings, you can reflect your school spirit in decorations with balloons in these colors. Again in these colors you can reflect your school colors in decorations with decorations from confetti or you can do it yourself or on colored paper. For more interestin ideas, click the source page.


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