This will of course be the month of Halloween posts. Prepare yourself. Here comes another one. Those little helpers of the garden, the nematode, or earthworm, or whatever you may call them in your part of the country, really get a bad rap. They are happy to aerate, and add nutrients and drainage to your soil. All they ask is to be left alone. But we dig them up and put them on fish hooks. We call them gross and make gelatin versions of them for Halloween. Poor little earthworm. He is so misunderstood. Lol.

Speaking of making gelatin versions. The store bought version of gummy worms is made for mass appeal. But at Halloween you don’t really want them to appeal to anyone. They should be as squiggly, slimy and gross as possible. Yes, I suppose they should also taste good. I have seen and written about many gelatin versions of things in the past, such as Lego gummies, but this one is unique because it uses bendy straws to create the shape of the worm. This recipe comes directly from Todd’s Kitchen, and it is disgusting to look at. Which is perfect! I love disgusting Halloween recipes! bring on the ghoulish treats!

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