7 ITEMS EVERY GIRL SHOULD HAVE IN HER CAR: 1. Umbrella 2. Pair of black leggings & jacket 3. Emergency kit 4. Bikini 5. Jumper cables 6. AAA card 7. Pair of flats
Girls if you are driving a car, then you must have some items in your cars. For example, an umbrella is a must. You will never know when it rains. Of course, there is a weathercast, but even during the summertime, you may have been caught in a rain. Next is some leggings, you never know when you need them. Next is triple A batteries. They may sound absurd however they are absolutely necessary. Also, always remember to have a jumper cable in your car, you never know when your car batteries go out and you may need to use them to charge your batteries with some other car.
Source: scarves.com

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