Canyon Shrug--its actually a crochet pattern, but it gives the basic rectangle to knit or crochet and how to turn it into a shrug.Especially thick sweaters and cardigans are popular. Women of all ages can wear thick cardigans and sweaters, which are symbols of comfort and casual wear. Instead of the coat and jacket, go out on the street, dress ‘jean’ from top to bottom, dressing in layers is among the trends. In cold weather, the thick woolen ones are back. Especially we often encounter coat-style cardigans. Instead of basic colors in fabrics, usually two color mixtures are used. Indigo blue with mustard, indigo with mink, navy blue with wine is the brightest year by giving indispensable harmony with the energy of winter day. But in the background of this energy and colorful view, gray and beige tones also come out.


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